Liquid Fertilizer and Lime - $30 (Jackson)

MOJO K20 - Liquid Lime + Potash Fertilizer Combo

Mojo K20 is a proprietary blend of Alkalizers and Bio Stimulants with Nitrogen & Potash designed for hayfields, pastures, row crops, foodplots and turf. Mojo is a high pH formulation (11-12 pH) that will begin alkalizing/raising the soils pH in 7-10 days. Mojo forms a TRUE liquid solution that will not settle out. Mojo sprays easily through any agricultural sprayer.

Available in 275 gal totes, 125 gal partial totes and 55 gallon drums

- Comparable to 1 ton of dry ag lime
- Can Be Mixed With Herbicides (Grazon, 24D, Weedmaster)
- Can Be Mixed With Glyphosate Prior to Seeding/Sprigging
- Neutralizing Begins Immediately After Rainfall
- 100% Soluble, No Settling
- Increased Nutrient Availability For 12 Months
- Faster and More Efficient Than Ag Lime
- High Potash Formula, Which All Low pH Soils Lack

$13 per gal
Rate: 2.5 gal per acre
1 Tote covers 110 acres
275 gal, $3575
125 gal, $1775
55 gal, $770

This is NOT a calcium chloride, AKA 'Liquid Calcium', product.
For growers needing calcium supplement/fertilizers we also carry Calcium Nitrate formulas. But there is
A LOT of misinformation circulating around the internet... Beware: Calcium Chloride and Calcium Nitrate products have a pH of 6-7 and DO NOT RAISE PH! Calcium Nitrate is a good fertilizer derivative and suitable for growers deficient in Calcium, but it does NOT raise pH. Calcium Chloride is a lesser quality fertilizer and can be harmful to the soil depending on current chloride levels. Mojo K20 is a TRUE Alkalizer and DOES NOT CONTAIN CALCIUM CHLORIDE OR NITRATE.

Our most popular and successful protocol uses MOJO K20 (a liquid lime + potash fertilizer combo) to start the season off, raise pH, improve soil health, improve nutrient availability, followed up with either Turbo 36-0-8 or Super 19 between cuttings or grazings. 36-0-8 is recommended in soils with moderate levels of Phosphorus and Potash. Super 19 is recommended in soils with greater deficiencies in Phosphorus and Potash.

Liquid Fertilizer Blends:

TURBO NKS, 36-0-8 + 3 Sulfur
SUPER 19, 19-19-19
Available in 275 gal totes and 125 gal partial totes

- Stabilized Nitrogen, Non Volatile, w/ Urease Inhibitors
- Added Sulfur For Bermudagrass
- Soil Enzymes, Bio-Stimulants
- Fulvic and Humic Acids For Increased Nutrient Uptake
- Available Immediately Without Rain
- Foliar & Root Uptake
- Can Be Mixed With Herbicides (Grazon, Weedmaster, 24D, etc)
- Designed for Hay, Pasture and Cereal Grains

TURBO NKS, 36-0-8-3
$11 per gal
Rate: 2.5 - 5 gal per acre
1 Tote covers 55-110 acres
275 gal, $3025
125 gal, $1525
55 gal, $660

SUPER 19, 19-19-19
$12 per gal
Rate: 2.5 - 5 gal per acre
1 Tote covers 55-110 acres
275 gal, $3300
125 gal, $1650
55 gal, $715

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