culverts for sale - $3,253 (Jackson)

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condition: like new
make / manufacturer: Pipeland Plastics
model name / number: fusion HDPE
size / dimensions: 8"-10 ft Diam
HDPE Fusible Pipe.

Tank Cars

Fiberglass Pipe & Coupling 6" to 9 ft Diameter

ALL OF MY hdpe pipes are over 1 inch thick ! It has the highest strength and life expectancy of any Pipe on the market. The condition is surplus or lightly used as a water trunk line bypass system. It is in perfect condition. We can provide samples if needed.

This material is priced very close to used steel but has a useful service life 10 times longer and can be installed in gravity use applications with fiberglass couplings and NO Welding Cost! It is used above ground and below. It has been installed under rivers in the US AND in many counties/parishes in the United States.
The value of this material is immeasurable! AND THIS PIPE CAN BE PLACED INSIDE RUSTY FAILED CULVERTS FOR A " NO DIG" relining.
We have 8,000 ft in stock mostly in 50 foot joints. You can melt these joints together for lengths up to 500 ft. The vertical drop drains, angles and turns are also melted together as per manufacturer's recommendations.

These joints are pressure rated as well as water tight! My surplus pipes are averaging over ONE (1) inch thick or or more.

18" SDR 17 $33.90 pf (2.10 LBS PER FT) 1.01 WALL 3827 FT AVAIL
24" SDR 26 $37.600 PF (30.14 LBS PER FT) .93 WALL 2346 FT AVAIL


30" SDR 26 $64.78 PF (46.25 LBS PER FT) 1.15 WALL 1287 FT AVAIL
also 36" 42" 48" 50 " ALSO OFFERED (WITH LIMITED quantity)

These pipes can be joined by couplings, Fiber-welded or connected by fiberglass laminated methods to any length desired, and we also do angles and curves.

We have 3,599 FT of like NEW 18" diameter x 1" thick Heavy-Wall Fusible HDPE (PICTURED) & couplers to eliminate the expensive melting process. *(PICTURED BLACK PIPE)
Running small water, drainage or process lines 6 - 14"? We have 12,000 feet of High Strength Fiberglass Pipe with couplings, 90's, T's & angles that are 10 times
stronger than PVC and are not affected by sub-freezing temperatures.
We offer a varied product line - small Fiberglass pipes, Fiberglass Vertical Drop lake drain systems, and more . Our drainage systems for lakes and ponds (under-levee)
have proven to be the industry standard for those looking for 100+ year drain solutions for their water structures! They are 100% leak proof and have a 100-year life span.
We also have surplus HEAVY STEEL pipe & tank cars, as well as very large fiberglass pipes. We will be happy to quote any of your piping needs, whether fiberglass HDPE (thick wall) or carbon steel, and share our ever-growing list of customers including farmers, loggers, road districts, and agencies such as NRCS.
Others we have sold to are county road supervisors, the Army Corps of Engineers, levee districts and city & state governments.

Do you have rusty corrugated metal pipes, misaligned concrete pipes or collapsed out of round pipes? We can jack or pull our strong smooth fiberglass or HDPE pipes inside your rusty pipes and get more flow than your original larger pipe. Relining these rusty compromised culverts will also save you thousands of dollars in excavation, backfilling and paving

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