Second Chance at Life

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I recently met a man who had part of his lung removed due to cancer. God is giving him a Second Chance at Life.
Trisha helps to change lives before God gets involved!

She has been a Master Personal Fitness Trainer for over 40 years. As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, she has been an expert in Chinese Nutrition for over 20 years. She understands the needs of people dealing with weight and health issues.
80% of what you are comes from the foods you eat, we start there.

The idea client has been unhealthy since childhood, given up several times, tried every bogus new product promising results, small to no results, impossible to maintain.

Best yet, we come to you. We start with a personal evaluation to determine exactly what you need. We establish your commitment and schedule a weekly/daily time that works best for you. We develop a plan and timeline in doable increments to not overwhelm you.

We work with your Western trained doctor as needed. In no way will your health ever be in jeopardy. We review your medications, eating habits, desired tastes, daily routines, daily stressors, family dynamics, and work within your abilities.

There are no products to purchase, no shakes, no weird diets, just common sense. Close your eyes and picture a typical American, what do you see? Likely an overweight and unhealthy person. Now close your eyes again and visualize a typical Chinese person, what do you see? I see a group of healthy Chinese seniors doing Qi gong in a park together. An American diet based on Chinese Acupuncture nutrition principals can help change how you see a typical American.

Exercise, like stretching can be active or passive. If you cringe at the thought of jumping around concorting your body in unnatural poses, relax, that will not happen with us. Your body will feel alive, not adding additional pain. Causing pain requiring you to take additional pain killers is counter productive.

We are a premium service and do not accept insurance.

Call Trisha to schedule your personal evaluation

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